Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet Summertime

Summer has officially started! And whats a summer vacation without long days in the sun, pool time with friends, and summer sleepovers! Hallie's cousin, Madison, who lives in Wichita came out for a week to spend time with her grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins. Hallie will be 8 in July and Madison is already 8...I am just so thankful that after this week...I didn't have twins. These girls are so much fun together but in order to make themselves heard...they feel the need to up their volume level. WOW! What on earth will we do when these girls are 16...yikes!

We spent every day at the pool and then they would want to come out to our house to swim in our pool.

Now remember, we live on the farm. People don't randomly show up at our house. So they girls that it was pretty funny to skinny dip in our pool. They giggled and giggled! They wound up swimming alot in their panties and sports I said "Look here girls" and snapped a quick pic! They weren't really happy with me but I wasn't real happy with them when I saw Hallie's room destroyed the next I think we are pretty even!

Aunt Regan manages the pool here in Johnson and has been so sweet about making the girls feel like they have a job in the concession stand. They swim til break time and then they come straight in to the pool house to help with their duties. It's the least they can do because they seem to be eating all the profits...and it's only been open a week:)

The summer has already been flying by and i'm sure it won't be slowing down anytime soon. We are getting ready for Blaines 2nd bday next Friday...June 5. He shares this day with my parents for their anniversary and also close friends of ours, Matt and Lori Overturf...also their anniversay. So we are party planning and look forward to posting those pics also.

Last day of School

The day before school ended Hallie had her awards assembly. It was such a fun morning. After each class received their awards, the kids put on a talent show. Not only were the kids brave enough to get up in front of the entire school and show off their talent...but so did the teachers! The kids truly enjoyed seeing their teachers let loose out of the classroom. It was say the least!

The last day of school they call "Fun Day". Which is an all day track meet at the high school football field! Hallie was entered in several events: 50 m dash, long jump, frisbee throw, obstacle course, shoe kick, and water race. My mom was able to come up and spend this fun day with Hallie...which she loved more than anything. We were able to take Hallie out for lunch that day, which was very special.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well....our picnic in the park was fun. Well maybe not super fun but it was ok. The kids were having a good time. The wind was it normally does here on a daily basis. It didn't seem to slow down the kids any. Here are a few pics of Hallie and her best friend Annie at the park.

End of School

Wow...this week has been so busy and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday the grade school was awarded an extra swim day for doing so well on their tests this semester. Luckily, I made myself a note and didn't forget the swim bag..yeah for me.
Today Hallie's class is taking a walk to the Museum, having lunch at the park, and then to the Old Store for ice cream before returning to school before the bell rings.
Wednesday, the grade school awards assembly is at 8:30 and a talent show following at 10:30.
Thursday they will spend all day at the high school football field for what they call "Fun Day." I wouldn't categorize it as "fun"...they will spend all day, in the sun for a track meet. And when they are finished...they are allowed to leave with's the last day of school!
I can't believe that Hallie will be in 3rd!
And then you have little Blaine. Who goes to daycare day in and day out like a faithful little trooper. Every day I learn how many time outs he had for the day. I am hoping he learns from time outs and out grows them! Time will tell. Blaine starts swimming next week with daycare....he will be super tired!
Well, we are gearing up for the last week of school and preparing for a busy summer schedule!