Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of School

Wow...this week has been so busy and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday the grade school was awarded an extra swim day for doing so well on their tests this semester. Luckily, I made myself a note and didn't forget the swim bag..yeah for me.
Today Hallie's class is taking a walk to the Museum, having lunch at the park, and then to the Old Store for ice cream before returning to school before the bell rings.
Wednesday, the grade school awards assembly is at 8:30 and a talent show following at 10:30.
Thursday they will spend all day at the high school football field for what they call "Fun Day." I wouldn't categorize it as "fun"...they will spend all day, in the sun for a track meet. And when they are finished...they are allowed to leave with parents...it's the last day of school!
I can't believe that Hallie will be in 3rd grade...wow!
And then you have little Blaine. Who goes to daycare day in and day out like a faithful little trooper. Every day I learn how many time outs he had for the day. I am hoping he learns from time outs and out grows them! Time will tell. Blaine starts swimming next week with daycare....he will be super tired!
Well, we are gearing up for the last week of school and preparing for a busy summer schedule!

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